At 3am I used to bolt awake and worry about my llama, Sabrina. I’d worry about how she was sleeping or if the coyotes had finally squeezed through a loose wire in our pasture fence.

Then I’d worry about our goats, my health, our bank account, and if I should drink less Chardonnay. Next on the list, my husband’s weight, my chihuahuas teeth, and my elderly friend Denise who lives alone.

For the record, most everything I worried about at 3am never, ever, ever, happened and thank goodness I finally learned a very simple way  to fall peacefully back to sleep. No pills required.  It’s called “Loving-Kindness Meditation”, great by day and even better in the dead of the night!

  1. First take 3 slow, deep belly breaths in and out. This simple act resets your brain and allows your body to shift from the sympathetic […]