My husband knows how to make a woman happy. For Valentine’s Day he gave me a card with a handmade coupon that I could redeem for a pair of goats. He did this because he knows that I adore them and they make me laugh hysterically. And he adores goat cheese.

Learning to do more of what makes me happy and less of what makes me miserable, I notice more magic showing up and my life flows effortlessly. And even though it’s counter-intuitive, creating more joy increases productivity, creativity, and most surprisingly, cash flow.

Creativity disappears when there are too many stress hormones racing through our veins. I wish I knew this scientific fact years ago when I was constantly working under heart pounding deadlines. I always noticed I came up with my best ideas riding my horse.

This video is a great example of this crazy magic.  I made it for my husband because the goats crack him up and I had a lot of fun putting it together for him.

Almost overnight, without any effort on my part, it got half a million views, it’s been featured in movies, TV, Huffpost, and picked up by hundreds of other websites and news organizations. The British Goat Society even asked me if they could use it to train people on the importance of goats being happy in their environment .

Believe it or not this video has even made some pretty good money. It wasn’t my intention at all but things flow easily around joy, even money.

It blew my mind to receive notes from so many people I have never met from places I have never been. From Macedonia to Kazakhstan my goats have traveled the world without me. I have received so many sweet notes from people in some of these 151 countries. One woman who lives on a tiny island said she watched it with her kids over and over again because it just made them happy.

My favorite story about my traveling goats and the magic of happiness involves finding a missing friend of mine. I lost track of her 15 years ago. We both moved, got married and changed our names. I tried many times to locate her.

Last week I received a “Remember Me?” email. Finally, here was my pal. She told me she found me because a friend sent her this video and she recognized the face on my youtube channel. We talked for 4 hours on the phone, laughing and catching up.

Have you noticed any connections between being happy and the magic of great things showing up in your life? Send me a message or leave a comment below, I would love to hear about it…


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