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I pour a cup of hot almond tea, open my spiral notebook and dial her number. “Hello?” she says. And now we begin…

Her words tumble out, the fear, the grief, the desires, and deep inside her story, in between all of the unfolding words, I hear it like a silver bell. It is her truth. Strong and clear. She hasn’t heard it yet.

I am calm, compassionate, present. I open the window and let her light shine in so she can find her truth too. We are laughing now. She can see the path ahead. After the aha, a simple plan is made and love fills the space where before there was only darkness.

I love coaching so deeply. It is my sacred art.

When you coach with me you will have my full, undivided, compassionate attention.

Everything you tell me is completely confidential. This is a safe space to explore your own truth. I listen deeply without judgment or expectation because I already know how perfect you are.

You may have some areas causing you pain or you may be confused, I can help. I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach so you can be assured that my training is sound, my tools are powerful, my coaching sessions are fun, and your experience can be completely life changing. It’s up to you.

I believe you ultimately know what is best for you and I will show you how to access that truth. Your life will be transformed by listening to this truth. Whether it is your relationships, your work, money issues, or your wellbeing I can help. If you have lost your way or your courage, I can help. If you feel a spark of a new dream but need help turning it into a bonfire, I am your gal. Wherever you are now on your path to creating a life you love, I can help you make it happen.                            

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Your Permission Slip – How to Get The Guts To Grab Your Dream

So many of us know in our hearts what we REALLY want to be doing but end up doing the opposite to please others. Are you waiting for permission to start your business, change your mind, change your life? Are you smashing the snooze button every Monday morning? Are you an exploding doormat?  Then this very fun program is for you. I want to help you go for what you want and if you have absolutely no idea about what I am talking about and think this is crazy talk and you just have to suck it up because that’s what everyone else does- this program was designed just for you. Let me give you life changing tools so you can learn to be honest to yourself and those you love about what you really want and who you really are. And then make it happen!

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Wild Happiness: The 4 Technologies of Magic

What’s love got to do with spoon BendingThis mind blowing, mind expanding adventure will change how you make decisions and show you how incredible life can be when you team up with the loving and powerful energy around you. This course is based on Martha Beck’s incredible book “Finding your way in a wild new world” and will focus on 4 specific technologies of magic used around the world that we will practice together. Bring some extra spoons and an open mind! You can sign up here to listen in on my free webinar where students had their own spoon bending adventures live and people who listened in later mangled silverware too! It’s only the beginning!

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The Joy Ride: Coaching For Coaches & Creative Entrepreneurs

I specialize in working with Coaches, Psychologists and Creative Entrepreneurs. I love rule breakers! As a Grammy Award winning filmmaker I understand your desire to be successful. I understand the many challenges and also the joyous freedom and creativity you experience when you work for yourself. Running your own show is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth too. When you team up with me I am here to help you speed up your exciting transformation and access your deepest, most courageous truth. This program is custom designed to fit your exact needs now.

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Dream Analysis

When you are going through a major transformation it is likely that your night dreams will become more vivid and powerful. The famous psychologist and innovator of Dream Analysis Carl Jung called them “Big Dreams” and they certainly feel that way. Sometimes painful, sometimes weirder than weird. It also likely you have had some reoccurring dreams in your life, these are very important too. First, let me tell you these dreams, although they can sometimes be very troubling, have very important messages for you. These messages are completely unique to you. Google can’t help you here but I can because symbols are completely unique to each dreamer, like a thumbprint. Together we will uncover life changing information that is just out of your conscious reach. This information is trying to become known to you by way of dreams to help you in your life. Even the most frightening dreams have loving and helpful messages, I promise! Write them down and schedule a time with me to access this life changing information.

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