Who I Am

Mary Ann Johnstone

If you need a coach you can trust, who will be honest yet kind, I am your woman.

With the tools and knowledge I have gained while training with Martha Beck, I will help you turn your life around as I did mine.

These are lasting changes I am talking about. A way of being in the world that is truly YOUR unique and beautiful way.

As a coach I have helped my clients strip away the pain, guilt, and fear that has held them back from being happy and feeling successful. And I want to help you do the same.

I want to help you laugh more and love yourself and the people around you more.

And if you are an entrepreneur and need help with your business and all that goes with being your own boss I have a passion and many years experience there too.

And me?

I am a ukulele playing, goat loving, Master Certified Life Coach. A Grammy Award winning filmmaker turned farm girl who loves helping people as much as helping animals. I thrive on loving relationships, surfing, and beach runs with my amazing husband Eric, and super fast chihuahua, Cleo.

Becoming a Master Certified Life Coach with Martha Beck, graduating from the Hoffman Institute, working in college career centers, and studying Positive Psychology gave me the invaluable education in which to create a life I am deeply in love with and to help my clients do the same.

Like you, I have had some big challenges.

I have been through divorce and now have a loving marriage. Cancer and now I am vibrant and healthy. Financial worries and now I live in abundance. And yes, even a brain tumor which along with being one of the most terrifying experiences of my life it gave me incredible riches. I am happier, healthier and filled with more love and gratitude than ever before!

I share this with you because if you are in the midst of your own perfect storm, with all that I have learned,  I can help you too!

Most importantly for you to know, I have an intense love of coaching and have been (informally) doing it since I was a teenager. Now as a Master Certified Life Coach I have many years of education, experience and passion to help you get results. I am devoted to helping you discover what your own truth is, which results in more happiness and peace for you and your loved ones.

I consider it an honor to work with you in the sacred process of transformation and will treat you with great compassion, deep respect and complete confidentiality. I love that I can help speed up personal growth and change, plus we have a whole lot of fun together! Join me in supporting your joyful transformation and uncovering who you were always meant to be!

MJ surf


The greater the challenge, the more opportunity there is for growth.